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Its that time of year again! With summer temperatures increasing, we struggle to keep our Arizona homes cool.  Most of the lighting in our homes add to the heat which we are already trying to keep out.  Most of the heat generated from standard lighting can be overcome by recessed lighting with led trim.

      Its time to update the lighting in your home! We suggest recessed can lighting, an elegant, energy efficient alternative for dome lights or lamps. With a can only showing less than 1/4 inch off the ceiling they hide well, while still providing bright lighting with massive energy savings, and much less heat generated then the standard lighting. The lighting comes in many choices of colors, from warm light, to cool, to even Daylight.   Recessed lighting is especially great for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and hallways, where its not practical to have a fixture hanging from the ceiling.  (602) 253-0245, or send us an email at CONTACT@SNSELECTRICAL.COM 

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