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     We would like to thank you for visiting our Estimates page.  The word Estimate means a cost which is not fixed, and in general a guess of the associated cost.  One thing which we constantly hear from our clients and customers is that they were worried to call an Electrician, or other contractors due to the unknown factor of cost, and the surprises which always seem to follow after the contractor is on site, or the work has already been completed. 

     At Sns Electrical we understand this surprise factor, and avoid these unknown surprises with our no hassle bids.  If the job does not change then the cost does not change, it really is just that simple!  No high pressure sales, as we are Electricians not salesmen. We are able to accomplish this due to years of experience in all types of scenarios.

    We do not have one price to get an electrician to your home, and another price to actually do the work, as that is a dishonest business practice.  In order to get the most accurate price, we do have a few questions which we will ask in order to understand the job requirements.  In filling out the Estimate form below please include as much information as possible, and if any other information is needed we will let you know.

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